Mission Statement

To create the finest coffees and teas in the world by using the highest quality all natural ingredients. Only Organic Fair Trade coffee beans, handpicked tea leaves, and naturally infused organic flavors are used to make Vincent Van Gogh coffees and teas.

Supporting the Arts - Just as timeless and naturally elegant as Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork has been proven to be, we strive to make a lasting impression on the world with our Vincent Van Gogh gourmet coffee and tea. A portion of our profits are donated to further the success of artists across the world.


It is known that Vincent Van Gogh was a master of the arts. But did you know that he also appreciated a good cup of coffee? In a letter to Emile Bernard, a French Post-Impressionist painter, Van Gogh wrote:

“To do good work one must eat well, be well housed, have one's fling from time to time, smoke one's pipe and drink one's coffee in peace.”

My Grandmother’s favorite artist was Vincent Van Gogh, most likely because she was as unconventional as he was. No matter how often I visited my Grandmother, each time it was always special. She was a very artsy woman who loved painting and her paintings adorned the walls throughout her home.

Every visit, she would paint in different styles that evoked new and wonderful feelings. It was during these visits while I enjoyed all the comfort food one could enjoy, that I gained an understanding and appreciation for the arts.

At Vincent Van Gogh Café, we have created coffee that Vincent would be proud of. Made with only the purest 100% Organic handpicked coffee beans… from a small network of Fair Trade farmers around the world. Every single cup of Van Gogh Gourmet Coffee and Tea each have a quality and originality you would only expect if Vincent Van Gogh made it himself.

It’s this appreciation for all the artists that have made an impact on our lives… and those up and coming who are struggling to increase the exposure of their own art… that has inspired us to donate a portion of our profits to art societies and programs across the country.


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