Flavored Coffees

Revolutionary Flavor Infusion Process

Vincent Van Gogh flavored coffees are a blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans and only the finest all-natural flavoring. Adding flavors to coffee is an ancient practice going back long before Van Gogh's time.

Ordinary coffee roasters get their artificial flavor by using a chemically based liquid solvent or powder that can contain as much as 85% propylene glycol - the same ingredient used in automobile antifreeze. These other coffee roasters pour their flavors over the roasted coffee beans which will result in a higher concentration of artificial flavor, and less natural flavor, with more chemicals soaking into the beans and your cup.

Vincent Van Gogh gourmet coffee uses a unique all-natural flavor infusion that is revolutionary in today’s coffee market. The carefully selected all natural, organic flavoring ingredients are combined with the beans at 100% concentration, with absolutely no chemical solvents, thus having no propylene glycol added.  At Vincent Van Gogh Cafe we only use the world’s finest coffee beans handpicked for perfection. Combining this with our revolutionary solvent-free flavor system, we have created some of the most elegantly pure coffee in the world. The result is the best-tasting flavored coffee you can buy, with no bitter chemical aftertaste.

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